How To Have A Colorful Post

Hi, this is PandaCraft99, I am going to show everybody how to have color in writing. Lets get started.

I am using color right now in my writing. To do so, you need to press tool bar toggle at the end of the menu next to the ABC with the check underneath. Once you have pressed tool bar toggle another menu will drop down. There you will see an underlined A. It will look like this: A. When you press the A, you can choose your color. Or if you a more specific shade of your color, you can press custom then you can pick your color that you wanted. Thank you for reading my post, and I hope your post is very, very colorful!

The Adventures of Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill because a fire ignited at the bottom. In their hurry Jack bumped his head on a rock and metamorphosed into a motionless creature. Pebbles eroded from the rock, further downhill it became sediment. ”Jack!”Jill cried.”My biggest fault is not having you with me, your my bedrock! Oh no! I’m going to have a…a…a disco dance party!” ”I’m okay.”Jack said.”Do you need help getting up?”Jill asked.”No I’m fine.” ”Really cause your moving slower than a tectonic plate!”In the end Jill helped him up and they lived happily ever after.

A Giant Monster

There once was a giant and powerful monster. He did all sorts of evil stuff. It was amazing that he could stay alive for a long time without food and rest. This way he could easily travel from town to town. However,when he was starving ,he would devour any animals and plants.If that was still not enough he could gnaw the rocks and chew them into meal. People were scared away so they would not be slayed. One day,the monster arrived after a very long journey. What he did not know was that all the people did not run away. Instead, they jumped out and and ran to the king’s castle. They picked swords, knives, traps and other tools. The monster thought” I am way stronger than you,” so he tried to hit them. At last, he gave up, but it was to late. He was slayed.       

Nerdy jokes

2 men entered a bar. One man asked for h20 since he is a chemist. The other man asked for h20 two.


The waiter came back withe the drinks, and they both drank. The first man saw the other man choking. He said “Thats what happens when you drink h202.

More Mr.Dembow-bow! Please read!


Mr.Dembow-bow is quite a guy. He jumps of cliffs. He jumps off trampolines. He jumps off computers. Quite a lot of jumping. So suddenly, the marble aliens were displeased with Dembow-bow. They decided to dance with him (Thats what marble aliens do when they are mad) until he died! Mr.Dembow-bow had to do something! So after two long days and nights of dancing, he took a giant rock (That had grown legs of course!) and threw it at the aliens. THE END!

Beauty island Ferocious waves

“Long ride isn’t it.” said my cousin. “Not to long.” I replied. We were going on a boat so my only problem is the waves. The guide said the current is strong so we can’t go far in the water. My mom is too cautious so when we get on the island she tells all my cousins to put on life vests, sunscreen, and bug spray. We arrived at dusk so we slept. Next morning, before any of our parents were up we raised past the coconut trees, shells,  hermit crabs, and finally to the water. My cousins and I planned it the night before. After all of us got adjusted to the temperature we went deeper in the water. Then all of a sudden the waves drew us in and threw the rocky shore as we screamed in pain as we scraped our knees. Our parents woke up {along with the island} and they rushed us out of the water. Then my mom said “You’re not wearing your {etc…}” As we told them it seemed their faces got redder and redder.

chronicles of BILL the fat bear # 1

Once upon a time there was a fat bear named bill. He loved to roam his land by strutting with EXTREME weird swagger. He thought he was cool but other people called him a colossal mess.But over the next year that fat bear decided to go to the gym. Eventually after like 5 million years his fat weathered away in a sense. In fact he got so strong he could even pull an outcrop out of the earths surface then smash it up into smithereens! He could even turn a piece of coal into a mineral (the diamond) in less than a minute because of his titanic strength.So could his primeval fat family.