Dembow-bow choose-your-story! (WAAAAAAAY better version!)

   Dembow-bow looked at the time. It was 6 o’ clock in the morning and he was TIRED! What would he do today?

To go back to sleep, read red.

To start a new day,read dark green. 

 Mr.Dembow-bow went back to sleep. He had a dream. He dreamed that he was at a store and a man said to him “You are not Mr.Dembow-bow!” Dembow-bow was stunned. “Of course I’m Mr.Dembow-bow!”, he laughed. “You’re silly!” “No I am not!”, insisted he. “I am actually very smart.” Mr.Dembow-bow glared at the man. He slapped his hand on the table dropping some money on it. “I bet you $100 that I am to Mr.Dembow-bow” he growled. “I can prove it.

If the man excepts the challenge, read the beige.

If he declines it, read the light blue.

“YAAAAAWWWWWNNN!”, went Dembow-bow. Shivers went down his spine. It was a cold morning in October. Wait a minute…it was the day of his halloween party he was throwing! Mr.Dembow-bow had forgotten the plan.

If you want to  throw a scary party, read orange.

If you want to throw an ordinary costume party, read pink.

“Throw in all ye’ money… $100…CHEAP”,the man was saying. Dembow-bow new the man was just trying to make a bigger bargain. The store was empty. “As long as we are alone” Dembow-bow scoffed as he smiled. “$100 it is.” Swing! Someone had just came in. The man grinned and asked “How about now?”

To bid more, read the yellow.

To keep $100, read dark blue.

This was right. Very scary. Zombie pictures from horror movies hung on the ceiling and creeped stuff out. A smoke machine was in the room too. Yep. Super scary. Maybe…too scary. “No”, Mr.Dembow-bow assured himself. “I’m fine.” Ding-dong! Dembow-bow’s guests were here. He opened the door. People hugged and laughing saying stuff like “I just adore your costume!” and “How on Earth did you decorate this place!” Mr.Dembow-bow loved both of these comments. Of course being Mr.Dembowski, his costume was handmade. Dembow-bow ooked at the ceiling again, being scared of the pictures. He had to do somthing with them!

To take down the pictures, read ocean blue.

To keep them up, read light purple.

“No”,said the man. “I couldn’t possibly bargain with you. I guess you are Mr.Dembow-bow. Sorry.” Dembow-bow smiled…until the alarm clock rang.


Mr.Dembow-bow made nice templates for his friends and used a bigger seat for Bill the Fat Bear. He put on a tux and took off his fake mustache and sprayed his hair a little. He now looked like Mr.Dembowski. He and his friends had a fun time at the party and admired costumes. Even Ms.Oliva and I were there.


“Fine!”, yelled Dembow-bow. “$200!” He rolled his eyes. “Now let’s start by showing me your ID”,said the man. Mr.Dembow-bow gave the man his ID and the man examined it carefully. “Yes…yes…yes”,the man mumbled. “I have sadly mistaken you”, he sighed shaking his head. He hands Dembow-bow his ID back…and $200.


Mr.Dembow-bow just manages to get through the party by leaving up the pictures but he was still scared. All he needed was to have fun…so he could get distracted. Would he have nightmares? Who knows?


“Only $100”, Dembow-bow says. “Alright.”,the man mumbles. “Now give me your ID.” Mr.Dembow-bow hands over his ID but before he did he looked at it. It read:

Lady Dorris

Painter-part time.

“WHAT!”, Dembow-bow (or Lady Dorris) shrieked. Could he be a girl? A painter? $100 was dropped on the table by Dembow-bow. He ran away.


Mr.Dembow-bow took down the pictures. He felt relieved. After that, the party went on nicely and all was very well. Continue reading “Dembow-bow choose-your-story! (WAAAAAAAY better version!)”


So, everyone already knows that Ms. Oliva is leaving. Right? uhh… Anyways, I’m SO EXCITED for our writing party on monday! All I know is that i’ll be stuffing my face with donuts! Also, the trip will be pretty cool. Probably. I’m running out of stuff to say here! Oh,right. Got to go read my script here… Oh, here! Ms. Oliva is a great teacher and I pay my respects to her. That sounded like some sort of FUNERAL. Well, trash the script. Crud. I wish that she just stayed for a little bit LONGER! I mean she’s a great teacher after all! Too bad she’s leaving soon… DON’T WASTE IT! WE HAVE 3 DAYS TO PAY YOUR RESPECTS! Oh wait, the funeral thing. Trash that.



                         DO NOT


                                       MS. OLIVA!

Ok, thats enough. Bye Oliva! Wait, we have 3 days, or actually 1… Never mind.

The Adventures of Nrocinu

      Hi, I am Nrocinu. I have a small secret, maybe you will figure it out, but in the meantime lets get down to business.

” Leave it!” I yell at my friend, she kept on with touching the little gold thing on my head. The weight of that thing was 10,000 pounds! Using the metric system the volume of it would probably be three kilograms and the mass would be 4 cubic squares. Day and night it grew and it was very weird. At one point, it will probably be 1 kilometer, every hour it grew one inch. Then I had to be homeschooled, my horn, I guess that’s what you could call it starting, um… hitting some people.

” I gotta go.” I say to my friend, “why?”, “This, this, horn is in the way of everything.”… 5 hours later…  I`ve walked a kilometer and swam in a river with millions and trillions and billions milliliters of water. Now, I am sleeping under an oak tree, waiting to see what the morning brings.

The next morning, I wake up to only the most amazing thing ever, unicorns! One of them walked up to me and started talking. I did not know there was such thing as a unicorn or a talking unicorn! “You are the next generation of humancorns” the unicorn said, “What a humancorn” I asked. ” It is a mix of humans and unicorns”, I was amazed by the sight of this mystical creature.”

9999999 Years later

I am still sitting here, underneath the oak tree. Time had no effect on me. The capacity of magic in my horn is full. Know I am with all the other humancorns. If my life was everlasting, what would I do next?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This might be just a vocab story and Nrocinu was a unicorn for Halloween. She just told all her friends this story. Oh and did you figure it out? Nrocinu is unicorn spelled backwards. Happy Halloween everyone! *Disappears in puff of smoke.*




What’s going On: Cat789’s interview!

Cool Purple: Cat789

Ocean Green: Me, WatergirlTantrum789


What’s up?

Well the clouds, the sun, the sky…quite a lot is up.

You know right?

Now it’s your turn to answer a question: What’s down?

The floor…I can’t think of anything more…


How is your day?

That doesn’t rhyme. 

What is Mr.Dembow-bow going to be for halloween?

He’s going to be Mr.Dembowski…AND MAKE YOUR WORDS RHYME!

Well you are not rhyming.







Let us just end it here folks.



Yay for Bill!

Hello everyone today I just noticed that Bill has enough money to get his house back. I just wanted to give a shout-out to people who donated:





…and Cat789!

I thank you all and I hope Bill has a better life after he buys a house. Here are some house options:


Nice country house: $1,000,000


White and amazing: $5,000,000


Magical place: $25,000,000


The little cute house: $600,000

Now all you have to do is vote! In the comments below, write wich house you think Bill should have!


Mr. Meme Talking About The Day At The Pool (Him Telling His Part)

As I am sitting at the pool, I looked around and noticed that everything around me has to do with the metric system.

Me, just thinking about the mass and weight of the water.

Did you know that the volume of the people taking space barely left me any space to swim?

The pool was at capacity!

The pool was about 4 million kilometers and 5 million kilograms.

I tried to measure it by milliliters but it was way too much.

Trust me, all Bill the Fat Bear weighed much more that the people and water combined!!!

The End.














Pusheen Village

Once upon a time there was a regular old Pusheen Brown stripes whiskers and a stripes on his tail ,This is Pusheen with  his baby brother Stormy.Pusheen-Stormy.256.322893-14.jpg But Pusheen is way smaller like a keychain every Baby Pusheen or kid has a keychain on them they are born with it his is red. His Mom who looks like him but bigger and white, Let him out to go play with his friends which there all in the park. Dinosaur Pusheen Pusheenie corn was there chef Pusheen was there, Detective Pusheen was there, Cookie Pusheen, Santa Pusheen, Valentine Pusheen, Pusheen in a cup, Icecream Pusheen, Dount Pusheen, Taco Pusheen,  Bow Pusheen, Sunglasses Pusheen, more than you can think of….! “Hey!!” yelled pusheen, everyone looked up from what they were doing. ” Aye boring” Pusheenie corn said laughing “sup” said sunglasses pusheen pushing up his glasses, “Hello pusheen morning to you” valentine pusheen said politely, “roar hello” dinosaur  pusheen yelled, more of all said hi. “My mom and dad went to go help a cookie and a dog on a mission so I’m here” pusheenie corn said bringing up a topic “Like what mission?”Bow pusheen asked. “Like like a uh-uh a lollipop mission.”pusheenie corn hesitated “yummy”Dino dreamed licking his lips “pretty cool I’d say”pusheenie corn  showed off. “Enough about your unicorns” pusheen said! “What why not talk about them” Pusheenie corn said surprised! “Because your obsessed with them, and you wanna grow up to be like your parents!” Pusheen said annoyed, “W-W-WHAT N-NO THATS NOT T-TRUE!” Pusheenie corn said blushing… Pusheen rolled his eyes, everyone laughed at their conversation moving there eyes  side to side one to another one to another. “Shouldnt we be DOING something! Jeez” Chef pusheen said quite bored “yeah why not” sunglass pusheen said with a smirk on his face ” i know where to go.”


Check out Cookie and Puppy’s Adventure to see what Pusheenie corns talking about!

Where Do you think Sunglass Pusheen will take them? Leave in comments! Hint: it starts with H.

Stay tuned for next story!  BYE!!!

What’s Going On: Smartcookie’s interview!


Pink=Me, WatergirlTantrum789


What is your favorite thing in the world?

I don’t know.

Well…than why did you want to have an interview?

Because I had nothing to do, and plus you asked. It’s also fun.

Then…if it’s for fun…LA LA LA!

Umm…That a nice way to look at it.

LA LA LA…wait what?

If you think its fun…LAAAAA LAAAAA LAAAAA!

Actually, I think it is time for something serious.

Okay…How about talking about Mr.Dembow-bow?

Oh yeah! Do you know his favorite food is salmon chicken cupcakes?

No offense to Mr.Dembow-bow…But thats kind of nasty…

HOW DARE YOU OFFEND HIM…just kidding it isn’t that healthy.

Now all we have to say is…