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The story of Shut-up and Trouble.

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Harold the Complaining boy #3

If you have not read the complaining boy #1 or #2 then check those out before you read #3. So Anyway here’s what happened…

“So I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about you recently, can you explain why?” Harold’s mom asked Harold.

“Well you see yesterday I was really hungry fo…”

“I’m going to stop you right there mister. If I hear one more complaint from you or to you then your not going to play electronics for one month. Do you understand?” Harold rolled his eyes but nodded.

“So um… I did really well on todays math test”

“Really? Can I see?”

“Uhhhhh… I left mine at school” Harold’s mom gave him a look. Then she pulled out his red folder and rumaged though it until she found it

“A-ha! Here it is. D MINUS!! No electronics for a week. Now get upstairs before I call your teacher.” Harold bolted up the stairs and then lay down in his bed. He closed his eyes and before his mom could talk to him he was sleeping.

The next day was Saturday so Harold sleped in until 8:00. Breakfast was allredy ready for him when he got downstairs then his mother came out of nowhere and said

“No video games for a week remember”

“yeah uh huh”

“2 things I need more from you Harold. One is to study more for tests. Two Stop complaining.”

Harold knew he was in huge trouble but at least now it was the weekends and he could do anything almost anything that he wanted.

       That’s the end of the series with Harold the complainer

Hope you enjoyed!

The Horrible Boy #2

Previously on, The Horrible Boy: For some reason, his hands were sweating, and all he could think about was the transformations his room, his moms voice, echoing in his head: One more time you mess up on a test, that’s it. I wont tolerate it. He was almost positive he would fail- wouldn’t he?

     “Half hour left class, and remember, if you don’t finish or mess up, you may do a make up test,” she said looking at Leon again, but he just rolled his eyes and got back to work. There was 30 questions, and he looked at his paper, after 45 long minutes, he was only on question 14.  He had to step up his game!

     15 minutes later, he was on question 21, and he was feeling pretty confident. Then, when he was ready to check his work on the front page, it hit him: he had forgotten to do the first 3 questions of the booklet! That’s why he was wondering why he was doing so good. He checked his watch frantically. 4 minutes! Leon was a little panicked, but he read smoothly and answered the 3 questions carefully. Finally, Leon checked his work quickly in the nick of time. He was ready to hand it in.

     When Leon stepped up to give it to the teacher, Mrs. Rutty half smiled, and took his paper and added it to the pile. He looked at the top one before she put it down, but he didn’t get time to look it over. 30 seconds later as he packed his bag, the bell rang. Gulp. He had to get home before Mrs. Rutty called!

   His mom was on the phone when he came in. He put his backpack down, silently. “Uh huh, yeah, I understand.” His mom replied in the receiver. “Thank you, Mrs. Rutty… You too.” Leon tried sneaking up the stairs, but it was hopeless. ‘Click’. “Hold it, Mister. Its time you and me have a long talk,” his mom said, and was certain he was in trouble. Oh no, this can’t possibly be good.

    Next time is the final story, so tell me: yes or no?


His feet were glued to the floor and he shivered back stage in fright. Having to say his lines without a script was a challenge. He was next to say his part as a pirate  and would he ruin the play? he thought. He went up to the director and whispered “I forgot my …” “Ok go break a leg Tim you’re up,” she said unable to hear him over all the excitement. Waddling down the stage sideways he faced his back to the audience. “This is gonna be  disastrous,” Tim’s mom Helen said to his dad.  They turned off their cameras in disbelief. When Tim finally turned around he stared at the ground like it was the crowd of people. A kid yelled out “awkward”and than laughed with his friends he was with. Everyone sat motionless wondering what was going  to happen next. Then suddenly Tim lifted up his head and screeched at the top of his lungs, “ANDY’S COMING!” Everybody except his parents went along with the act and played dead. It was dark and they couldn’t see Tim. That was his cue to run offstage never to be seen again.

Vocabulary story 11/22/16

I was in a clan of dorks with my older brother. Every Monday night I was forced to stay “home” with him because my mom had to work until 10:45 pm but of course we didn’t. He would go to his friends house and their culture was to party. From my perspective it was so boring sitting on that kids couch eating potato chips as my dinner. We used the bus as a resource to travel, which took about 20 minutes to get there. My brother was part of a society of modern day Native Americans but he didn’t really fit in. They couldn’t stop talking about how their ancestors were once part of the Lenape. My brother just tried to change the topic awkwardly. The reason my mom never found out was because he said he would “kill” me, whatever that meant. That is the story of my nuisance annoying brother. Continue reading “Vocabulary story 11/22/16”