You decide…the main character!

So…what does the tittle mean? Well, when winter break is over, DiamondMinecraft, (I think the numbers are 125, do not remember) will sort out a ballot box on who is your favorite character. Pusheenie? Lemon? Bill? Dembow-bow?

Anyways, I’ll post a pic of the ballot box later, right now just think of your vote, read some choose your stories, more stories, (well it will help you make up your mind!) and RELAX.

Dairy of a DERPY COW, part 3!

Miserable years passed as people made fun of, teased, and even hurt, Feb as he made it through elementary school, suffering badly. It was on the first day of 5th grade when Blubul had to talk with the principle. “I’m glad you’re here Steven. (the principle called him that even if it was not his real name) I want to discuss Feb, he is the smartest kid, or cow, in our school. But our nurse has discovered a depression, other boys are said to be punching. It is because of two things.”

“What?”, Blubul asked, leaning over the desk covered with files and documents. He was now into the conversation.

There was a moment of silence but then the principle answered. “One thing”, he started as he took a long breath. “He is a cow. Second of all, he believes in this superhero.”

Blubul’s mouth was gapped, as though he were to say something but couldn’t. He had a feeling he knew who the hero was and his face showed it. The principle noticed what was going on and then said suddenly, “Oh…Dembow-bow.”


Feb was waiting in line, waiting to get chosen for a “special school”. His dad was talking to the lady at the counter as he leaned on the desk below him. He looked left and right. The line wasn’t very long, but crowds of people were there to drop of their kids at school with kisses and hugs. From Kindergarten to 5th grade, Feb felt sick. He stuck his tounge out and took of his glasses lazily. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful girl. Her hair looked like it was made out of milk but dirty as if it had been tugged on. The same with her dress. The girls face was so pale as it turned and faced Feb. Quickly, he snatched his glasses, put them back on, and hugged his notebook. He also looked the other way and whistled so she wouln’t know he was looking. She was definently in the line. Then Feb stood up, still whistling, not turning his head and purposly bumped in to the girl. He turned to her suddenly and smiled goofily. “Oh…uhhh…hi?”, Feb said awkwardly. She chuckled. “You’re funny”.

And thats how Feb Blubul met Sidney Tchovinsky,    Dairy girl.


Dairy of a DERPY COW part 2. (read part 1 first! Slimedunk especially!)

Amy had tears in her eyes. Blubul sat next to her, almost sobbing himself. Then the baby said his first word, “Love Mommy Dad!” He could speak English! When Amy heard these words she smiled. Blubul, was rather confused, her baby was a cow, what could possibly be right? Sour milk? But Blubul had not realized the aspect of having a cow child that could speak and talk the English language, and have a great possibility of learning new ones. Sour milk was nothing to worry about now.


“Get up get up!”, Feb called throughout the room. No one listened. He went to Amy’s and Blubul’s room, where they still lay sleeping. He thought for a minute, then stuck to his plan. “Wake…uuu-a-uuu-a-uuuu-a-uuup!”, he yelled, bouncing on his father’s back. “Kindergarten! School!” This woke Blubul up, and startled his “wife” too.  It was time to go, but the father was not ready. He sighed, knowing a cow named Feb was not going to have a great career. He thought about it for a while.

“Now here, running down the feild is number 27, Feb Blubul! 50 yards, 60, oh now he’s going to fast to count…TOUCHDOWN!”


“Feb, what made you to become an artist, you draw cows so well!”


“Feb! We love you! I was born in February to! We are so alike! I neeeeed your autograph on my cows in my farm!”

Blubul kept dreaming. The last one was slightly weird though…

“Okay, of to school”, he said slapping (or patting) his son on the back. “Let’s go!”

Find out what happens next in part 3!

Pusheen V.S. Stormy Part 2

Now, we`ve gotten more votes on the challenge then the Rubix Cube, so lets see how it goes…



+ = …


So, Pusheen bought Bean Boozled and each spun the arrow. Stormy got “Dog Food or Chocolate pudding,” so Stormy got the Jelly Bean and she got… chocolate pudding! “Who ever gets sick first looses.” said Pusheen.


“Your mean!”

So Pusheen went, She got “Blueberry or toothpaste,” sadly, Pusheen got sick because she ate the toothpaste bean. Pusheen recovered and lost the game. So, Stormy got the treats and, Pusheen had to dance with the mean cats in the alley.

She had to also speak Chinese or Japanese.


Pusheen learned to share and speak another language.



Stormy Quote: “Can I have this?”








Here is some “really hard” questions:

  • Stormy goes to school. Stormy gets a %93 on his test on Monday. He gets a %64 on Tuesday, and he gets a %72 on Wednesday. What would happen if his grades kept going like this?
  • Pusheen doesn’t eat her lunch on Wednesday, or Friday, or the next Monday in school. Would she die of hunger or would she just start eating her lunch every day in school?
  • Nyan Cat and Pusheen are BFF. Nyan Cat isn’t friends with Stormy because Stormy is too young for Nyan. Stormy gets sad on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because they are not playing with him. Would he keep being sad forever?

So those are your State Test Qs. JK! But really, if you like these “hard questions” then comment as much as u can (i don’t care if u comment 2x)! Thanks!

Pusheen V.S. Stormy


One day, Pusheen had some kitty treats. Stormy got mad and told on Pusheen, for not sharing. Pusheen got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed. Pusheen said they were her chips, Stormy said to share. There was only one way to settle this…

By:imagesor imgres


Which one should they do? Put want you think in the comments below.


Continued in part two.


Unfortunately, Silvereagle is no longer participating in this game to become the riddle master, I caught her cheating, quite sad. She is a disgrace to my game and since she shared her answers I am saying the game will not contuine because of this cheating. You have Silvereagle to blame. You are all riddle masters, good job!

Blog Special To Comic Special!


So, I know some you have read the Christmas special That I made a few days ago, right? I had this idea after I posted it. “Should I make all of the Zack comics on the blog and make them into comics?” I thought to myself. So I want to ask YOU guys if you would want to see these specials for most holidays made into a comic too, or stay as a blog-exclusive? YOU guys decide in the comments below!

Link to the Christmas special:

Christmas special!