It was havoc. People were calling the world taco supply, people were making tacos as fast as they could, and basically empty taco trucks driving up and down streets. Zack was skeptical about this, but bill was even more skeptic. “THESE ASPECTS ARE TERRIBLE, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TACOS!”


     Things were bad. This was bad. EVERYTHING was bad. “Well then,” said Zack, “This is worse than I thought.”. It was a nightmare for bill. “AHH, THIS IS BAD!” screamed Bill. Just then, they saw a strange man with a cool mustache walking down the street. “Hey, mister!” Zack said. “Can you help us?”. The man turned around and walked toward them. Now, normally, parents would say this is a terrible idea that would end in death, but Zack knew this was safe. “Sure,” said the man, “And by the way, my name is Mr. Dembow-bow.”. “Hey, I feel like i know you from somewhere, but I don’t remember where…* (*Sloppy Zack fight from WatergirlTantrum’s… novel? I don’t know what to call that story.) Said Zack. They walked to a store with a TV on. It showed the news. “Breaking news, just in,” said the reporter, “This picture caught on camera shows 2 teenagers robbing a store of tacos.”
“This is what they look like:”. (*Insert blurry photo of Sloppy Zack and Mark here*).
“Hey,” said Zack and Dembow-bow at the same time, “It’s Sloppy Zack!” This was surprising, considering Zack already beat him. “Who’s that other guy?” asked Dembow-bow. “My rival.” said Zack. Mark had done things before, but never something like this. Then, in a flash, we see Mark running across the street. Zack dashed after him. Mark saw and dodged Zack’s attack. “Oh, yeah, hello Zack.” Mark said. “I see you are trying to stop me,” said Mark, “but you are not.” Just then Mark surrounded himself in darkness and summoned a brigade of shadow demons. “ATTACK!” Mark yelled. The demons lunged at Zack…



                           END OF PART II

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Also, I would add that the blog is not for posting random pictures you find on the internet nor is it a place to write nonsense (obviously).

Why the dinosaurs died out

I think the reason dinosaurs died out is because a meteor struck earth.

If a meteor struck earth and put a lot of pressure on a volcano(s) they would erupt. That could mean a lot of destruction and possibly wipe out the dinosaurs. More proof of that theory is that there were a lot of volcanos 65 million years ago. This is also supported by the fact that it was cloudy because if it was cloudy from a volcano it wouldn’t block out the sun completely, but if both were at work it would block out the sun completely. Anyways if there was an astroid it also would’t block out the sun for the entire world for years. But if an astroid set a chain reaction of volcanos across the globe it would activate more and more volcanos which would block out the sun for that long.  Another reason is that there would be a weird terrain if that happened and there is loads and tons and tonnes of weird terrain! Also if there was a eruption or astroid strike by itself sea animals would have survived only a few possible ones like the Loch Ness Monster(Nessie) could have actually survived. There is also possibility that there could be many strange animals if this hadn’t happened. There also wouldn’t have been an ice age shortly after there was such a thing, but what if the ice age wasn’t actually cold? It could have felt cold to the animals and humans, but it could actually be about 60 degrees. There body temperature just wasn’t used to it being “cold”.  Another reason is that there was a lot of carnivores after that because there wasn’t any plants because of the smoke.

These are the reasons I think that there was a astroid that hit earth and triggered volcanos.


Alberto Instino. By:Bodyeye replica of Albert Einstein.

imgresimgres-3Alberto Instino was a crazy scientist who mixed different chemicals and the way he died was by exploding chemicals in his face. He discovered that fish breath water and people eat. At least he thought he did. :(. He tried to create thing chemicals so the chemicals would dry and make stuff and it worked. For one thing though. So the school of kids science took him to do little experiments, and he did good. But when he died the school also got on fire and no one survived.


When my teacher, ms. cornick, said there was going to be a spelling bee                      images-6   Me, Cinder, used my powers and said goodbye and ran away. an emoji ran after me. It was strange, but hey, I live in a fairytale. What am I supposed to do? Pray for everything to be perfect like all the fonts being the same color? 

Black Friday Pusheen Village!

“Hey! Where did they go?” Candy cane pusheenie screamed!

“Not sure, but i bet they didn’t get far.” Said pusheenie corn.

“Shh guys, i see them.” Bow pusheenie whispered.

“We need to get in that store. Its where they are!” Valentine pusheenie Screeched. All the girls entered the store “Oh my lord! Everyone is shoving over -” pusheenie corn whispered.

“Shh” All the pusheenies hushed pusheenie corn

“Wanna buy that computer its 50% off!” Pusheen said.

“Yes, lets also get that keyboard 70%” Dino pusheen added in.

“Grab it before anyone else does, also grab a cart my arms hurt.” Sunglass pusheen cried

“BOYS WHAT IS THIS!” Valentine pusheen yelled.

“I never heard Valentine pusheen scream so loud!” Pusheenie Cookie whispered.

“Hush!” Valentine scolded the rest of the girls.

“Its….” Pusheen started.

“WHAT!” Valentine pusheenie screamed.

“Its… Black friday its every time after thanksgiving and theres discounts like real good ones like 20% off and 30% off and 40% off and 50% off and 60% off and 70%, 80% 90%!!!!! And we never ever get time to be boys because you girls always teaching us manners and we dont want and and and-” Pusheen Rumbled on speaking very fast, then Valentine pusheenie cut him,

“first we didn’t know about this black friday so you dont have to be scared you can just tell us, and second we don’t stop you from being boys we let you be free but just some times you need to learn to have manners at the table!” Valentine pusheenie tried to reason with them.

“We’re sorry for chasing you. Chasing you just for this.” Candy Cane pusheenie said softly like her voice was cutting off. And the rest of the girls said sorry too there voice cutting off too.

“Its okay, We’re sorry for making you pusheenie’s go on this cat chase.” Sock pusheen said. The rest of the boys sighed.

“How about you teach us about black friday and maybe buy stuff with good deals!” Donut pusheenie said! All the pusheen’s and pusheenie’s agreed and bought many goodies and electronics.

The End!

By: PuppyWuppy

Next: Christmas special and New years + President Day!

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