The Life Of An Average 4th Grader (End Of Volume 1)


     Recently, out class has been doing programming, which I LOVE! It’s sooo much better than all the other subjects! You get to make games, make animations, and basically do whatever you want! I would show you what Iv’e done, but I can’t, because this is paper… obviously. So, in the meantime, enjoy this drawing I made of that shows what my brain looks like during programming…



     I honestly don’t really know what to do anymore. This journal is kind of getting old though. I like spending some time maybe not writing down my every move, so yeah. BREAK TIME!



     Dude, this journal has like no space left. TIME TO BUY A NEW ONE! DANG IT!



The Life Of An Average 4th Grader (Story Edition… Kinda .-.)

     So, the series I’ve been posting is going well, so far. So, I decided that I should put the whole thing on Google Docs! So, that’s just what I did! I will have a link to it right here. It only has the ones Iv’e made so far, so whenever I upload a new post for this series, I will make sure to ALWAYS post it there!


The Greatest Kawaii Cook ✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚

New series! ( Hopefully Goes Well .-. )

                      A NEW SERIES!

     So, I kind of stopped comics for… specific reasons. Basically just having writers block. But then, I got an idea, and this is how. So, in my after school, we have drama class. We are doing superheroes. Mine was basically Zack. So, I was thinking: “Why don’t I make a story about 2 opposite superpowers?”. And this was the outcome to how I got the idea. It will end up as a comic either way, so that’s good. It’s called: “Opposites”. It’s about two brothers, Dan and Alex, who have superpowers, but there’s a catch. One has the power of fire, Dan, and the other has the power of water,Alex. And that’s all I can really tell you without spoiling anything else! Goodbye!


  The Greatest Kawaii Cook ✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚

Silly Math Problems!

Okay. On the state test we all know the math problems are supposed to help you learn, and they do. But today I will make my own math problems…with some…pizazz. Let’s see if you can solve them.

  1. Bill works in a taco shop and earns $57 a day (if he doesn’t eat the tacos himself). After 5 days of not eating the tacos at work, Bill decides to go on vacation. The vacation is $1,000. But wait! Bill does not have enough money! So he asks Cookie for some money. Cookie gives Bill 1/3 of his daily pay. After this, how many more days will Bill have to work to make enough money to go on vacation?

Lemon is baking muffins. She needs 15 lemons $24 for a pack of 5, 16 packs of sugar $3 per pack, and 2 tins $12 each for one batch of beautiful lemon-flavored muffins. Lemon has $33 left after paying enough money for one batch. Unfortunately, the next day Bill steals $10 and the batch of muffins Lemon worked so hard to make! So Lemon decides to make 2 batches this time just in case D.T or Bill would steal one. How much money does Lemon need to do this? Also, should Lemon work in a factory or work as an indentured servant?

Can you solve these 2 problems? LA!

The Life Of An Average 4th Grader (Cont. AGAIN)

                     CHAPTER XIII

     I have no ideas. Really. Now go away.

                     CHAPTER IVX

     Ok, so maybe that last one was a lie. Maybe not, maybe it is. The point is, being a 4th grader is hard. You have stupid stuff like I Ready, and I forgot what else. Forget that just happened. Ok? ok. Just imagine I said more stupid shenanigans.

                     CHAPTER VX

     So, My youtube channel is progressing. If by “progress” you mean “Barely-Changing-At-All”, then you are correct. If all goes well, I’ll be getting my paycheck in a week! Well, at least it’s something, because I’m probably only gonna get five dollars. Hooray?


Leon the horrible boy #4 ( back for more! )

It’s has been awhile since I have written a Leon the Horrible Boy, so I’d like to give you a flashback on what you read last time:

” ‘ The only questions you got wrong were the Prime and Composite numbers. Next time,  you should study that better.’

 ‘ You got it. ‘ And that’s exactly what he did”

So now that you got a flash from the past, let’s go straight into the story!

It’s been 2 months since the first math test he got 90% on, but that doesn’t mean that he is not just as horrible as he was. There was half a month of school left, and some kid’s in his class (including the teacher ) didn’t know if they can last half a month with him.

Leon was studying for his exam on mammal’s, and for the record, it was quite… BORING!  It was the last test of the year, so he thought, why not just don’t study for one little test? What’s the worst that can happen? Since Leon did horrible the months before he got 90% on the math test. So right now his average was pretty low. And his mom had told him to get at least 85% on a test. Luckily, he had studied enough not to get summer school. But his mom was not satisfied when she got the test on mammals back.

” 80% PERCENT! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STUDY! ” She yelled so loud, Leon thought the whole house shook.

” I know, but at least I didn’t in Summer School. ” Leon added, ” I also passed the grade. ”

” Ok, fine, but that’s the least of my problem’s. I have something important to tell you. We are moving. ” When his mom said that, she thought Leon was going to look like he was going to barf, but instead he looked sort of relieved. She thought, ‘ Maybe he wasn’t a good kid in school because the other kids hated him. 

” Where we moving to? “

” To another apartment building. I think our apartment is 3h. Our neighbor is Mrs Benson,” Leon’s mom replied.

” Does she have any kids, or is she lonely?”

” Well, she doe-“

Leon interrupted, ” Does she make cookies? You know I love cookies.”

Leon’s mother said, ” I don’t know, I haven’t-“

Leon again interrupted ” When will we meet them?”

“Hold on! One question at a time! She has a son who’s his name is Harold, and he is your age and he’s in your grade. She does make cookies, and I was thinking of going to meet them and see our new house today. How does that sound?”

” It sounds great. One more question: When are we going to move in?”

” I was thinking of packing tomorrow and moving in by next week. We might be able to move in by next week Monday. So go get ready to meet our new neighbors” So Leon went to his room and got dressed. He was actually pretty excited to meet the new kid. When he got down stairs, his mom was surprised to see him dressed in a suit. He didn’t notice until he finished putting on his tie.

” Leon, what are you wearing?” Leon looked at his clothing then his mom.

” What do you mean? Does it look bad? To formal?”

” No, its just… not like you normally dress. I thought you were going to wear a tee shirt with shorts. That’s what you usually wear.”

“Oh… I just thought since are going to meet some new people who are going to be our neighbors for awhile, I might as well make a good first impression.”

“Okay. I guess since you are wearing something fancy I should go put on one of my dresses,” and she went in her room to put on one of her blue fancy dresses while Leon made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or what he liked to call it, a PB and J.

15 minutes later…

” Come on Leon, get in the car! You’re always the last one out! I told them we would be there 5 minutes ago, and by the time we get there we are going to be HALF AN HOUR LATE! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!”

” COMING,” Leon yelled so he could make the point. He got in the front seat with his mom and they started going to their new home.

———————————————————-“Sorry we are late Mrs. Benson. We had a little… traffic on the way,” she said looking at Leon, who rolled his eyes.

“So,” Mrs. Benson said, ” would you like some tea? Leon could go stay with Harold. Harold! Harold? He might be in his room. Third door on your left. So Leon slowly walked to the boys door and tapped on his shoulder…


The Life Of An Average 4th Grader (Cont. Again…)

                        Chapter X

     Hopefully this isn’t getting bring. I hope. Probably not. So that means you can still enjoy my life of a 4th grader! (You stalkers).

                       Chapter XI

I started a YouTube channel yesterday. It’s fun. I play and do other stuff, because hey, why not? It has like 10 subscribers. So, yay? I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore…

                      Chapter XII

     I don’t know what to do in life, all I really want to do, is sit down, take a vacation, become famous, and make some comics. So, yeah. Life goals not accomplished, r maybe they are. Don’t know.

          Chapter XIII Coming Soon!


About This Kawaii Potato :3

Once upon a time there was a kawaii patato like that looked like thisimgres-8He was the cutest flying potato.

Obviesly he lived in potatoworld.His favorite shows are tato falls(a potato version of gravaty falls)and tato universe(a potato version of steven universe)theese are his favorite.

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  • Loves to fly
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