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What are governmental departments/agencies? They are organizations that help  to improve things (with or without money). The organizations can focus on anything, for example, DOE (Department of education ( Supports the schools we go to), FDNY ( Fire department New York ), DOP (Department of parks), etc. But local departments are different from other branches of the government. One way is that the boss of the departments are not voted by people. But instead the mayor chooses who is the boss of the departments.

Departments of Parks

One example is, the Department of Parks. The department of park helps the parks to be better in many ways. For instance, the people that clean up the park are hired by the DOP. For example, the Park Rangers operate programs such as, The Natural Class for field trips. The Park Rangers also explain many things about nature that many do not know.

Fire Department

Another example is the fire department, which protects lives and things of the townspeople of NYC. They also have programs for the children. For example: Because of a deadly fire in Queens that killed 5 people including 3 children, the fire department is now going around teaching people how to protect themselves  In the case of an emergency.


In conclusion, these are only a couple of the departments. There are more than 50 Departments in the NYC

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What are governmental departments/agencies? They are organizations that help to improve things (with or without money). The organizations can focus on anything, for example, DOE (Department of education ( Supports the schools we go to), DOF ( Department of fire), DOP (Department of parks), etc. But local departments are different from other branches of the government. One way is that the boss of the departments are not voted by people. But instead the mayor chooses who is the boss of the departments.
One example is, the Department of Parks. The department of park helps the parks to be better in many ways. For instance, the people that clean up the park are hired by the DOP. For example, the Park Rangers operate programs such as, The Natural Class for field trips. The Park Rangers also explain many things about nature that many do not know.

Political Parties

     Political parties have at least four important jobs. They select candidates(people who want the job), inform and organize voters, help organize the policy-making process, and serve as supervisors for the party in power. City government is dominated by the Democratic Party, which also normally attracts majority support within the city in State,Congressional, and Presidential elections. This suffering has been extended in stages since the founding of the state: African-Americans received the vote in 1870 and women in 1920. Since 1968, electoral district rulesat all levels have been drawn so as to ensure minority representation.

Here is a list of all the parties:

As you can see, there are a lot of Political Parties in New York, and they all have a part to play.

Here are the links to where I got the info:

List of political parties in New York – Wikipedia


  The NYC court system is an organization with about 1,200 judges. The Court of Appeals, New York State’s highest court, is composed of a Chief Judge and six Associate Judges, each appointed to a 14-year term. This court, like many others, is a place where the officials of civil, or criminal decide upon the person’s fate, and make justice. When someone murders, they are brought to court, where they decide if he is innocent, and if guilty, decide the punishment. Different Courts take different cases.

 Civil Court

   Civil Court is for people who have been sued by everyday citizens.  Vandalism is one of the many acts that would bring you to Civil Court.  This gives minimal years in prison or gives a way to pay yourself out.  When you pay yourself out it is called a bail.  Bails for vandalism is around 400 US dollars per each item damaged.     

  Criminal Court

   Criminal Court is for people who have been charged with serious things like burglaries and man slaughter or crimes that you don’t have to be sued for, unlike Civil Court where you are only brought in if sued.  Sometimes, if lawyers failed to prove their client is guilty, it would cost their client’s life, unless the defender agrees with his or her client to make a plea bargain.  A plea bargain is a way to stop yourself from death sentence and replacing that with a lifetime in prison.

 Supreme Court

    A divorce is when a marriage is broken apart.  This is only legal in a kind of court called the Supreme Court.  Divorce cases are only closed by Supreme Court judges, who can grant a divorce.  Family court, a different court, is not a place to get divorced.  The family court judge cannot legally grant a divorce, therefore Family court is not for divorces.

 Family Court

Family court is for personal issues going on inside a family.  Let’s say a kid was ignoring his parents kicking and hitting them or even steals something from a store.  If that kid is at least 7 years old and no older than 16 than that kid would be classified as a juvenile delinquent.  That would be something that goes on inside the family court.  Another thing that goes inside Family court would be adoption.  Adoption is when a kids parents either die or are unable to take care of their child the child would be legal for adoption.  Again something going on inside the family court.

   Court is important because without it, everyone would be considered guilty, even if they are innocent. They would not get to hear their terms and it would not be fair. It would be like the Salem Witch Trials, were if you were accused of being a witch, people would believe that and you would be considered guilty, even though you are obviously not. Court is so they only send the guilty to jail, not the innocent!

These are real courts:



The Public Advocate

What is a Public Advocate

The Public Advocate is someone who settles conflict between the people of New York City and the government. That job is essential because if there was no public advocate, the people of the city would be against the government.  That would happen because there wouldn’t be anyone to solve the problems between the government and the people of N.Y.C. The Public Advocate is in the position right under the Mayor, meaning that if the Mayor was assassinated, the public Advocate would take his place. The Public Advocate is paid about $165,000 per year, whereas the mayor is paid $225,000 per year. The Public Advocate and all the other city government members are elected to 4 year terms. All the city government members are allowed to run for two terms. Additionally, the current public advocate Letitia James develops great results to new york city .She is important due to all the laws she has worked on, including the best education for kids, and fought in the “Safe housing act; so family homes can be repaired. In conclusion, the Public Advocate is very important to the city of new york.                                       Current Public Advocate, Letitia James.


District Attorneys

images(New York county district attorney badge)  The district attorneys of New York help prosecute violation of the law. Prosecution means to give proof that the bad guy is guilty. The district attorney is like the lawyer of the police. If you are elected as a district attorney you can stay forever as long as you are elected each term. The first district attorney was elected in 1796 February 16th. Some district attorneys got appointed/elected for 36 years. They aren’t always elected. They can be appointed by the mayor. They are appointed when the current district attorney dies.  A district attorney has an assistant. In some places the title is circuit attorney. They each find a different amount of cases.

The current district attorney of the Bronx county is Darcel Clark. There are five district attorneys here in New York city. Each borough with one.  Now you know the role and what a district attorney does.  


April’s Pictures Of The Month

     So, I was looking at some old post the other day, and I saw that in one post, WatergirlTantrum actually had a picture of the month at the end of her post. So, I decided to do a picture of the month as well! So let’s get to it!



Fry, because who doesn’t like some Futurama in their life… or any show really.


A dancing stick man, because that shows our talent, (Mostly me, by the way), of drawing stick figures.


Bendy (you most likely do not know him), because Bendy And The Ink Machine (BATIM) Is a good horror game and it’s really popular.


This cat girl… thing? Because who doesn’t like Anime?


This turtle, because it is currently the admin photo of my friend, Boris The TURTLE TORTOISE.


And last but not least, Mr. taco, because Bill and I like anything that has to do with tacos.
     And that’s all of the pictures I have chosen! Look out for next month’s pictures! I hope you enjoyed! This is Jeff, signing off!

The Comptroller

Have you wondered who gives people money after they retire from their job? Well, this is the reason we have a Comptroller in city hall. A Comptroller is the person that manages pension, or retirement, money to people for doing their job, makes sure people pay their taxes, and that the departments use their money the right way.
Also, to help you understand the meaning of “Comptroller”, here are the word roots:
English: controller
French: compte (account)
Latin: comptus (calculated)
= Comptroller
All three of these words make sense to make the word comptroller because a comptroller controls money(English), manages money(French), and calculates how much money goes where(Latin)

IQ Twist is great! (I need feedback!)

I have written a game review about IQ Twist, a board game. I need feedback to publish it! Please put feedback in the comments section.

Here is the work!:


IQ Twist is great!

Have you ever felt too bored? Have you ever had nobody to play with? Have you ever had trouble learning something? Do you want to bring a game with you,  wherever you go? Then, IQ Twist is the perfect game for you!

One reason IQ Twist is a great game is because it can keep you busy for hours. If you’re busy, how can you be bored? IQ Twist can keep you busy for a long time. It’s a board game, not a bored game!

Another reason IQ Twist is great is that you can play with any number of people, from 1 to many more! This way, if you have nobody to play with, you can still play this great board game. Even if you have friends with you, you can play with all of them! The more, the merrier!

Also, this game is easy to learn. I learned this game in 3 simple steps. Even my friends learned it in 5 minutes. The instruction page (not pages) is only the size of a samsung iphone! Can you believe that? All you need to do in order to play is set up the level in the level book you are on and try to fit the pieces on the 8×4 stud (game studs) board!

In detail of how to play, there will be a level  book. Inside, you will find a few pictures. These are the level setups. You have to match the image on the game board. Then, you  can start playing the game. It would look like this when you set up the game: 


In order to play, you need to try fit the rest of the pieces (not the pegs, they are for the setup of a level) onto the board. You have completed the level when all the pieces are on the board, like:


When your board is solved like the solution (there are solutions in the back of the book) in the picture, you have finished the level.

Also, this game is very mobile. You can easily carry it, as well as pack it. Since its the size of a Samsung iphone, you can carry it everywhere!

In conclusion, IQ Twist is a great game. It never lets you get bored, you can play with any number of people, you can learn it with ease, and you can carry it anywhere! I recommend it to anyone who likes this review!

My Book Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them By: J.K. Rowling

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a very good book by J.K. Rowling. The book is also written as a screenplay. It tells about the main character, Newt Scamander, who is a private animal collecter, and how he brings his animals to New York City. He brings his creatures in his suitcase. They are not small, they only fit in his suitcase because it is a magical suitcase that is small on the outside and big on the inside. Newt went to New York because he wanted to get another animal, a baby Occamy, that was from New York. While he is searching for the baby Occamy, he has an adventure that involves some of his beasts.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an excellent book because it is filled with suspense, and describes events very well. the author’s word choices create very clear pictures so that the story unfolds much like a movie. It also has magical things happening which is very interesting for the reader to read and witness.

When you first begin to read, you might immediately get what is really happening, who Newt Scamander is, and where in the world the magical creatures are. But, slowly, but surely gets revealed when Newt’s thieving Niffler (One of the beasts Newt had in his suitcase) turns loose in a bank. Jacob, the Muggle/No-Maj (In England, the wizarding world calls un-magical people Muggles, in New York, No-Maj.) sees all this monkey business, and is very much terrified. Tina, a worker from MACUSA, the Magical Congress of the United States of America, sees that Jacob, a No-Maj, has seen thing he is not supposed to see, and since the wizarding world is considered a danger to the No-Maj by the No-Maj, Tina tries to force Newt to take action and Obliviate (an erase-all-the-bad-memories charm) While Newt is trying to Obliviate Jacob, Jacob, sensing that something unfortunate (even by wizard standards) is about to happen to him, grabs Newt’s suitcase (believing it to be his own) smacs Newt with it, and runs off.

The creatures, free of their rightful keeper, then decide to take a personal tour of New York City. Again the thieving Niffler comes out, not a surprise, but as well the Murtlap, Erumpent, an Occamy, and Dougal, Newt’s Demiguise. The real adventure begins when Tina, her sister, Queenie, Newt, and Jacob go on a search to find these creatures. But it is more than just a search. It is a search for the ever-powerful Obscurial as well. This is where the suspense takes hold of our reader. What is the Obscurial? Well, piece by piece, through the magic brush of her words, the author allows the reader to discover what the Obscurial is. A child, Credence, who is seeming lost in the world of his own personal horrors; his real mother is dead, and the woman who adopted him beats him at every slight mistake. He prompted by Mr. Graves, a man who is not everything he seems, is also looking for a young Obscurial. While Credence seeks the Obscurial in hopes of gaining acceptance and a better life, the power hungry Mr. Graves Though this is not his wish, he begins to complete it. This is the wish of Mr. Graves, a man who is not everything he seems. Mr. Graves is a man, an immense power that looms over the city, casting deathly shadows when he does not feel like luring people into his trap of thinking he is a nice man who works in MACUSA. He wants more. He is power-hungry. He cannot stop until he gets the Obscurus. And so, as Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob search for the escaped animals, another fate might be just around the corner, coming their way.

As I read this book, I couldn’t stop thinking, ok, now that this happened, how does it intertwine with the rest of the story? In truth, I thought that the beginning of the book was a bit confusing. It’s very choppy and it’s hard to tell what to make of things. Thought as you read on, you start to understand why the little look at this means, or how the character changes affect the whole story frame. The style of the writing is very descriptive, and if you like more than a peek at thing when you have so many burning questions to ask, this book will answer all your questions… but only in a matter of time. As well-writen as the style, the storyline is very clear, but not clear enough for you to know the ending.

Questions are answered. Style is good. That’s not the only thing that makes a book good. It’s that tingly feeling you get in your toes that spreads everywhere. You know what’s going to happen, but at the same time, you don’t. You can’t just eat up the facts and be satisfied. You have to process them, think them through, and find out what they really mean. Find out what is between the lines. This book will be an ideal example for good writing style, and it will, definitely, give you that tingly feeling.