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I hope you all use for the summer. I suggest that you all share what special things you did this summer. Thank you, and enjoy your summer!


Watergirl OUT!



Best Year Ever!

I am so sad the school year has come to an end, Mr.Dembowski was definitely the best teacher ever. He has a blog for students to write stories  on and he has made learning fun. I would also like to give a big thank you to Mr.Dembow-bow and Bill the Fat Bear for being funny 4-240 characters.


P.S. Mr. Dembowski should get a big fat trophy for being an awesome  teacher.

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The school year is ending… but is that such a good thing?

Hooray, everyone! 1 1/2 days of school left, and then SUMMER! Most people are probably happy, but to tell you the truth, I am half sad also. That’s because Mr.Dembowski won’t be our teacher anymore. Mr.Dembowski was the best teacher I’ve had so far. Mr.Dembowski is so cool and amazing. Mr.Dembowski has taught me SO much of what I know– Math, AMERICAN REVOULOTION, reading, HISTORY, science, and of course, HISTORY. I want (and I am pretty sure everyone in the class wants) for Mr.Dembowski to be our teacher for 5th grade. But, instead, Mr.Dembowski will be the library and technology teacher. But at least Mr.Dembowski will still be in the school, and we will see him often. Plus, Mr.Dembowski  will be teaching other kids to! So maybe it’s not all that bad. Anyway, my point is Mr.Dembowski is an awesome teacher, and I am happy for whoever gets technology or library, or maybe both!

If Mr.Dembowski is your favorite teacher so far (or forever), comment that!

To the best teacher yet…

Beaver response


How are beavers more like humans than some other animals?


Beavers are more like humans than any other animal because they build  things and chop down trees. Humans chop down trees to build things. So do beavers. However, beavers don’t harm forests while chopping trees down, it just making ponds into lakes. On the other hand, humans are harming animal habitat.

Beaver movie

Beavers are more like humans for many reasons. One reason is that they are smarter than other animals, they know how to built stuff like dams, and loges. Another reason they are more like humans is that they build their homes. They build their loges by cutting down trees and making smaller twigs from them and putting them together.  Just like humans but we use other materials.

Diary of an invisible girl.

once upon a time there was a girl named Blub. she was a fascinating girl because she looked like this





That’s right, she was invisible. she had no visible face, no visible arms, and no visible legs. she was a very invisible person. one day she went to the park and started swinging in the park and somebody accidentally sat on top of her. which was weird. so she started screaming and the person that sat on her got freaked and fell off the swing. Then she started to jump on them. they started to cry and she said “Good. YOu better be crying!!!” and she went back to being a very polite invisible little girl named blub.