It’s summer!

I know that in summer usually travel to different areas including other countries (like me!!!), this time I’m not going anywhere 🙁 . But still, I’m having (not just a bunch, but) tons of fun!

Here’s a thing that satisfies you: Find 50 states on quarters!

Have you ever noticed that on some quarters you can see 1 of the 50 states on it? Well, try finding 50 quarters with the 50 states on them (my family did it in two days!)!

Also, speaking of the fifty states, I heard the state song ( named “Fifty Nifty United States”) while doing this “project” and memorized the entire thing! That might not be a big deal but, #1; it’s really long and #2; it has all Fifty states inside it!

I would like to do a survey of who went where. please write in the comments below!

Also, after my mom was looking for this for YEARS, my family and I went to Barton Orchards for a hot-air balloon festival. I went on one of the balloons while it was flying for the first time (there was a good view after it rained)! In addition, they had these trading cards with the balloons on them. They have a picture, the name, the pilot and the sponsor of the balloon on them. I am trying to make a game out of them. Tell me if you have any ideas in the comments below!

Anyway, September end in 45 days from now (July 17). Have a wonderful summer 🙂 !


So this year was our most exciting year of school. I’m not just speaking for me, I think I’m speaking for the whole class. From the relief map to the end of the year social studies revolutionary war project Mr. Dembowsky made this year very memorable. The British Grenadier and Yankee Doodle really made me think twice about my previous thoughts of school (that school was horrible).

Even thought I did know everybody in the class very well before, I saw a new side to everybody this year. Mr. Dembowsky really brought out similarities and differences in all of us. I think that he was a teacher that could tolerate a joke but did not let anybody be disrespectful to each other and to him.

If Mr. Dembowsky is reading this right now, then THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you so much for the experience and the year and the memories. Thanks!