As you all know, I moved on to Westchester. I do miss the school we all went to, but, since l moved, I am going to be inΒ middle school! Instead of our grade being in elementary, it is in middle school 😁! The most important thing is ( dun dun dun! ) I didn’t get lost πŸ™ƒ! If you’re wondering why I said that, my new school is very large. There are east and west wings to get organized and many winding stairwells and dwindling hallways! Also, I get to have my own lockerπŸ™‚! It’s a half size one.Β Β My school has started on the 5th, but,


Please write how your day was in the comments!

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  1. I wish you were still at this current school. I love our new teacher! Our first day was as every single first day was, get to know you, get to know me, and all that stuff. Sure hope you enjoyed your first day!πŸ˜€πŸ˜

  2. HI!! My first day of school was on August 2nd and my school is outside!! We don’t have a lunchroom and, our classrooms are trailers! Even though my school is weird, I LOVE it!!!

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