Sherry took a deep breath in. The giant robot couldn’t see her now. People screamed in agony as the water rose higher. Sherry dove underwater and swam. Her yellow cape floating behind her, she did backstrokes through the water. As she took one look above the cold water she could see her father way up in the air, punching at the robot. Sherry sighed as she spit some water out of her mouth. She was not part of the family. Or to her, at least. She didn’t have a mustache like the others. Her father had always told her “You are part of this family. If you say that one more time I will shove a million tacos in your mouth!” Then she would smile as he would start tickling her. But now she was fighting crime, everyone would say she was a misfit. That was why she was trying to save the world…trying to prove herself.

At the same time Bob was zooming through the sky. Police officers gazed at him in awe as he did a backflip through the air. “TACCOOOOOS!” he yelled at the top of his lungs as dozens of life-size tacos rushed out of his hands.

The robot covered his face with his tie (he was very handsome) and all the tacos bounced off of the tie into Bills face, who was swimming in the flood as if it were just a pool.

Sherry kept swimming through the water, legs kicking furiously. “I can make it”, she thought to herself. “I can do this”. Slowly she rose out of the water, a long dress of the waves behind her.


She held up her hands. Nothing came out. “Come on! Come on!” she yelled, waving her hands in distress. Suddenly, a huge wave blasted out of her hands. “Yes!” she cheered. As the waves combined with Bobs tacos, there was a huge flash.

No one could see.

No one could her.

No one could breath.

They had just saved the world.

Slowly, the huge flash of light vanished, and everyone went by the day as if nothing had happened. They had forgotten. And in the middle of the street, there was a piece of cheddar cheese.


Okay, now a smooshed piece of cheddar cheese. This is where they robot had been. Dembow-bow, Bob, and Sherry gathered around the piece of cheese (SORRY TYPO IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE SMOOSHED CHEESE DUH) and stared. Dembow-bow held the smooshed piece of dirty cheese to the sky.

“EW”, thought Bob.

“This is why your named Sherry CHEESE Dembow-bow he said, analyzing the cheese. He smiled at the two children, still holding up the now moldy cheese. Then he popped the cheese into his mouth. Loud crunches were heard as the kids screamed in disgust and before you knew it, they were in a group hug.

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