His name was Zack. He was the third Dembow-bow twin. However, he wasn’t seen because he was invisible. Until the day when he played with his dad’s coat….

“GHOST GHOST!”, Sherry called. A brown overcoat that Dembow-bow wore during his investigation of Bill was floating in the air. A small ketchup stain still was seen on the bottom right hand pocket. Dembow-bow had usually kept his fries in there for a midnight snack.

“Aw Sherry cut that out!”, Bob snarled from upstairs. “I am playing video games and Mario just betrayed the evil worm because he had to eat a hamburger!” This time, Sherry did not snap back to Bob’s unreasonable gaming. There was a ghost involved

“WHO ARE YOU. TELL ME NOW!”, Sherry demanded.

Zack was never used to talking. His tounge had sat there like a heavy stone, never moving. He had learned a few things from what his brother and sister said around the house. Zack took a deep breath. His tounge felt cold and water started coming out. Slimy water…what Bob called “spit”. Zack knew what he had to do. “Hi!”,  said Zack with a small peep.

Sherry screamed. “No!”, Zack yelled. “No worry no worry!” Sherry stoped yelling. Her eyes were red. Zack knew this is what happened when eyes had water. When someones eyes had water everyone would say “don’t cry”. They also get the red face like what Sherry eats sometimes. She says “tamatoes” and Bob replies “Yuck!” Yuck must be a really good word to use.

“Yuck!”, Zack tried saying. But his tounge was like a snake in his mouth that was out of control. Sherry stopped and touched Zack. Now she knew. “Invisible”, Sherry murmered softly. That must be a fancy way of saying “Yuck”! Zack stood up taller like a tall brown stick. But not the small stick…the big stick with green things on it. Also what Sherry and Bob called birds.

Zack wondered if he was a bird too.

Finally, Zack gathered all his courage to say the three English words he had been practicing for ten years.

“I am brother”


Image result for french fries with ketchup on top

A               OR           B




A                          OR              B





images-3Life can't possibly get any cuter than Doxies dressed as hot dogs


             A                          OR                  B


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