Some strange enemy sang Sherry’s mind. It had been two days since Sherry had killed her not-mom, as Zack said. Some strange enemy, some strange enemy The prophecy…it said something about tacos. That must be my strange enemy.

Bob was getting better at being blind every day. He could sense his way around the shelter they had built. Feel the broken tree branch..turn left. Feel the wall spot with the water bowl…open the door. He remembered what he felt, and soon, it felt as if he was walking normally again. “Hey, Sherry!” he called. Sherry came in, looking like she was paying attention to something else. “How ’bout we go to a Taco Bell, if we can find one.

Sherry did not know what to say. Of course, she wanted to eat, but she kept thinking of the taco army, and imagined a taco jumping out and killing her. “Sure”, she said finally.Maybe this was her destiny. Defeat the tacos.Maybe this was the right thing. “ZACK!” she called. Zack probably nodded, but she didn’t know. “HE CAN NOT SEE YOU, YOU KNOW”, Sherry snapped, then reconsidered what she said. “I CAN’T EITHER!”

Zack tapped her on the shoulder, then Sherry whispered to Bob, “Let’s go”

It took them five hours to find a taco bell. When they got there, he saw a sudden flash.

Bob, laughing.

Bob, leading a taco army.

Bob? BOB? His brother?

Zack felt pain, deep and fierce.

He had found his strange enemy.

Dembow-bows Children and the Traitor of Terror!

Bob couldn’t beleive it. His mom…his mom would not do that. His mom was the nicest person he had ever known. Until then.

“Hahahaha!” yelled Shepoccolayspe. Bob spotted Sherry backing away, gritting her teeth. Suddenly, she pulled out  a stick.

Sherry was never sure. As she pulled the wand out of her pocket, she saw Bob staring at her. Crucio she screamed. A bright jet of light shot out of her wand. Everything went black.

When the light dissapeared, her mom was gone. She heard Bob’s far away scream. Her mom was gone. She had killed her mom.

Bob slowly opened his eyes. Nothing. Just black. Come on open your eyes his thoughts wailed. “AAAAAAARGH!” he shrieked. His eyes felt like they were on fire. OPEN! OPEN! His mind kept yelling at him, over and over. All of a sudden, he felt his eyes open. It was dark outside, he could barely see anything. Hadn’t it just been day a few seconds ago? It is a dream his mind tried to tell him, but he was sure now. Bob was blind.

He knows now Sherry thought. All this time she had kept her magic a secret, even from her own brother…or brothers, if you counted Zack. Bob was now walking around, bumping into trees and tripping over bushes. My fault, my fault, my fault she thought as he yelled “I AM BLIND! I CAN’T SEE!” Suddenly, she spotted a rustling in the leaves.

Sister. That word felt new to Zack. He was sitting in a tree, watching his sister grapple with her broken stick. “Hi” he said from the tree. “OH ZACK!” his sister cried. “I THOUGHT SOME EVIL MONSTER THING WAS SPYING ON US!” Zack frowned. He was NOT an evil monster thing. But he knew from what he had processed…the woman Sherry killed…was not his mom.