Some strange enemy sang Sherry’s mind. It had been two days since Sherry had killed her not-mom, as Zack said. Some strange enemy, some strange enemy The prophecy…it said something about tacos. That must be my strange enemy.

Bob was getting better at being blind every day. He could sense his way around the shelter they had built. Feel the broken tree branch..turn left. Feel the wall spot with the water bowl…open the door. He remembered what he felt, and soon, it felt as if he was walking normally again. “Hey, Sherry!” he called. Sherry came in, looking like she was paying attention to something else. “How ’bout we go to a Taco Bell, if we can find one.

Sherry did not know what to say. Of course, she wanted to eat, but she kept thinking of the taco army, and imagined a taco jumping out and killing her. “Sure”, she said finally.Maybe this was her destiny. Defeat the tacos.Maybe this was the right thing. “ZACK!” she called. Zack probably nodded, but she didn’t know. “HE CAN NOT SEE YOU, YOU KNOW”, Sherry snapped, then reconsidered what she said. “I CAN’T EITHER!”

Zack tapped her on the shoulder, then Sherry whispered to Bob, “Let’s go”

It took them five hours to find a taco bell. When they got there, he saw a sudden flash.

Bob, laughing.

Bob, leading a taco army.

Bob? BOB? His brother?

Zack felt pain, deep and fierce.

He had found his strange enemy.

Dembow-bows Children and the Traitor of Terror!

Bob couldn’t beleive it. His mom…his mom would not do that. His mom was the nicest person he had ever known. Until then.

“Hahahaha!” yelled Shepoccolayspe. Bob spotted Sherry backing away, gritting her teeth. Suddenly, she pulled out  a stick.

Sherry was never sure. As she pulled the wand out of her pocket, she saw Bob staring at her. Crucio she screamed. A bright jet of light shot out of her wand. Everything went black.

When the light dissapeared, her mom was gone. She heard Bob’s far away scream. Her mom was gone. She had killed her mom.

Bob slowly opened his eyes. Nothing. Just black. Come on open your eyes his thoughts wailed. “AAAAAAARGH!” he shrieked. His eyes felt like they were on fire. OPEN! OPEN! His mind kept yelling at him, over and over. All of a sudden, he felt his eyes open. It was dark outside, he could barely see anything. Hadn’t it just been day a few seconds ago? It is a dream his mind tried to tell him, but he was sure now. Bob was blind.

He knows now Sherry thought. All this time she had kept her magic a secret, even from her own brother…or brothers, if you counted Zack. Bob was now walking around, bumping into trees and tripping over bushes. My fault, my fault, my fault she thought as he yelled “I AM BLIND! I CAN’T SEE!” Suddenly, she spotted a rustling in the leaves.

Sister. That word felt new to Zack. He was sitting in a tree, watching his sister grapple with her broken stick. “Hi” he said from the tree. “OH ZACK!” his sister cried. “I THOUGHT SOME EVIL MONSTER THING WAS SPYING ON US!” Zack frowned. He was NOT an evil monster thing. But he knew from what he had processed…the woman Sherry killed…was not his mom.



Q and A Postponed to Christmas Eve

So, in my last post, I had said that I had a Thanksgiving Q and A planned, but I got no questions, so I couldn’t make it. So because of that, I’ve postponed it until Christmas Eve. (12/24/17) So I need you guys to comment down on below any questions you want me to put in this Q and A. And just so you know, you can comment more than one question. As I’ve said, you’ve got quite a bit of time before the deadline. And if I get none, don’t worry, I’ll just make up some questions to ask myself so it doesn’t go to waste. Just a quick little update. Oh well, I guess…



The Comix Club! (“Important” Notices, Announcements, And The Picture Of The Month!)


     Ok, let’s get the “important” stuff out of the way first. I haven’t been posting on the blog or commenting for a long time because I honestly forgot about it. And when I did, I just didn’t really find it fun anymore because barely anyone uses it. But hey, look at me now! I just hope more people use the blog this year, considering some of our class have moved, and we don’t have to use it. It’s a fun way to communicate, especially because the people who moved can still use it, like Outdoor_HTML_Artist!  I’m not mad, I just find it a shame.
     And one other thing, I haven’t been making comics for a while, we’re talking MONTHS, and I wanted to change that. I just wanted to let you know that I have two comics on their way and lots more in the future! One of them is already done, so you can take a look at that one while I make the other! (It’s a two-part comic!) I have lots of ideas floating around in my head that I can draw. Okay, enough rambling, ’cause  now it’s time for the…


And now, this month’s picture is…


Yep. You’re reading this correctly. You know what, I bet you this is the reason why barely anyone went outside this summer.  It should say: “STRICTLY NO RUNNING OR PLAYING AT PLAYGROUND OUTDOOR LIBRARY


     I’ve had a lot of Ideas for things to do on the blog, and I think they would be pretty cool.
     First off, I was thinking of a Q and A with some people on the blog. I was thinking I would need quite a few, but maybe not. At least for, to be honest. You can just comment down below some questions and I’ll see if they’re good enough to put in the Q and A! (Just a reminder, you can comment more than one question, and I plan to put it up by Thanksgiving, so yeah.)
     Next, I just wanted to ask you two questions. One, Should I do more than one picture of the month? Two, should it be every month? And three, how daily should I create new comics? I wasn’t sure when I should make them public because they take a while to make now. (2 – 3 days at least.) I didn’t want to seem like I was taking forever, so just tell me when I should make them public! (I know this is involving a lot of comments, but I made a setup for you to follow.

1.) [Insert any questions you have for Thanksgiving Q and A.]

2.) [Answer Yes/No for more than one picture of the month.]

3.) Answers: A: Weekly, B: Every two weeks, C: Every three weeks, or D: Every month [Choose one answer for picture of the month’s new (or same) date.]

4.) Answers: A: Weekly, B: Every three weeks, C: Every 3.5 weeks, (Wednesday) or D: Every month [Choose one answer for what schedule I should make new comics and make them public.]

     That’s all I have for this month’s edition of The Comix Club! Stay tuned for next month’s edition! But for now…


ELO for Tuesday, November 14, 2017

  Hello everyone! I was bored today, so I thought, “why not do something on the blog?” And this is what I came up with. So I decided that I should do this almost every day, especially for the people who are absent. Note that I might not do this every day, but I will do the best I can. Anyway, here’s the homework/ELO:

  (No number). Typing Tutor-As often as possible. 

  (No number). IREADY-Reading and Math-As often as possible.

  (No number). Reading Folder-Read for 40 minutes. Fill in your reading log. Read with a writerly (noticing how the writer writes) wide awareness. Practice using thought prompts to grow complex ideas.

   (No number). Home of the Brave-Reread in preparation for this week of culminating tasks (determining themes and comparing and contrasting) 

   151.Boomerang Folder-Homework Pocket-Complete math worksheet. 

   So, now that that’s done, here are the math questions:

   1. How much greater is 500 than 5?

   A. 5 times greater

   B. 10 times greater

   C. 100 times greater

   D.1000 times greater

   2. Which describes the relationship between 20,000 and 200,000?

   A. 20,000 is 10 times 200,000

   B. 200,000 is one-tenth of 200,000

   C. 20,000 is one-hundredth of 200,000

   D. 20,000 is one-tenth of 200,000

   3. How is the value 2 in the number 542 different from the value of the 2 in the number 324? (Explain)

   4. How is the value of the 4 in 864 related to the value of the 4 in 846? (Explain)

   Please don’t give away answers in the comments section until after we check it.


   P.S. Sorry this was so late! I just remembered to post it!

Taco Queen/King Contest!

Who shall be the official taco queen or king of the year? We are going to decide with a raffle! Directions for the raffle will be later in the post but first I have something to discuss with the class.


Most people have stopped posting on the blog, which is sad because when we graduate fifth grade it will be one of our only ways of communicating. I encourage people to stop by on the blog for a few minutes when you have the time. Hopefully someone joins this raffle, because my hopes aren’t that high, considering barely anyone posts anymore. ALL HAIL THE FUTURE TACO QUEEN!


  • Add any minor details to characters that HE OR SHE ARE GIVEN PERMISSION TO EDIT. For example, you can say that Dembow-bow has a sword that he only sometimes uses. Then the suggestion will be APPROVED or DISSAPROVED by the CREATOR.
  • Do quizzes that other people post!
  • Create AT LEAST ONE new character to be the taco King/Queens logo
To enter:
Just write some info about the character you plan to create and write "I enter" in the comments down below. May the best one win! Good luck!


Bob hadn’t expected to see Zack muttering in his sleep, especially muttering a prophecy. But it happened. The invisible lump made it look like there was a flying blanket. The small attic Zack was cramped in just had enough room to fit his small wooden study desk and his bed covered with books. Zack had learned English very quickly, and he was already reading books from the adults section at the library.

As the great big army arises,

“WHAT!”, Bob shrieked in surprise.

“SHHHHHH!”, came a shushing from the darkness. Slowly, the figure of Sherry in her unicorn pajamas emerge from the darkness. In her right hand she held a torch. Flickering shades of red and orange now brightened the room, now clearly showing the blue blanket slowly pulsing up and down as Zack breathed.

“From what I have heard”, Sherry explained. “Some people have the power to tell the future vaguely, and Zack is one of them!”

The truth will reveal many surprises.

“WHAT TRUTH!”, Bob blurted out.

Tacos will fight and soon take over

As the fake hero soon realizes

“WAIT WE ARE FAKE?!?!?!”, Bob yelled. All his life he had just wanted to save the world. And now they were fake.

“No you snail-brain!”, Sherry snapped, hitting the wooden side of the torch on the floor. “It doesn’t all apply to us!”

Some strange enemy will take over the world

Unless they find a magical pearl

But one must die, the other betray,

and the final one must save the day.

Who will be our next queen or king?

Who will make the world sing?

They are coming. Time is running. Fast, fast, fast.

Then Zack started snoring loudly, as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, there was a purple swirl of light. The light started eating up the floor, turning the room into a dark purple mass, glowing and twisting violently.

“STICK TO THE WALL”, Sherry screamed as the hole started to grow.

Zack had tumbled in and now Sherry was ready to jump through the broken floor.

“I will do anything for Zack!”, she cried, tears streaming down her face. Bob pressed himself closer to the wooden wall.

I am a coward he thought to himself. Why can’t I be like Sherry and risk my life?

But soon enough, the dark mass had spread to far.

Sherry jumped.

Bob waited a long moment as he took one last breath as the substance swallowed him up too. Then he could hear an echo of a voice…like a ghost.

Your mom is evil.

She will turn on you.



His name was Zack. He was the third Dembow-bow twin. However, he wasn’t seen because he was invisible. Until the day when he played with his dad’s coat….

“GHOST GHOST!”, Sherry called. A brown overcoat that Dembow-bow wore during his investigation of Bill was floating in the air. A small ketchup stain still was seen on the bottom right hand pocket. Dembow-bow had usually kept his fries in there for a midnight snack.

“Aw Sherry cut that out!”, Bob snarled from upstairs. “I am playing video games and Mario just betrayed the evil worm because he had to eat a hamburger!” This time, Sherry did not snap back to Bob’s unreasonable gaming. There was a ghost involved

“WHO ARE YOU. TELL ME NOW!”, Sherry demanded.

Zack was never used to talking. His tounge had sat there like a heavy stone, never moving. He had learned a few things from what his brother and sister said around the house. Zack took a deep breath. His tounge felt cold and water started coming out. Slimy water…what Bob called “spit”. Zack knew what he had to do. “Hi!”,  said Zack with a small peep.

Sherry screamed. “No!”, Zack yelled. “No worry no worry!” Sherry stoped yelling. Her eyes were red. Zack knew this is what happened when eyes had water. When someones eyes had water everyone would say “don’t cry”. They also get the red face like what Sherry eats sometimes. She says “tamatoes” and Bob replies “Yuck!” Yuck must be a really good word to use.

“Yuck!”, Zack tried saying. But his tounge was like a snake in his mouth that was out of control. Sherry stopped and touched Zack. Now she knew. “Invisible”, Sherry murmered softly. That must be a fancy way of saying “Yuck”! Zack stood up taller like a tall brown stick. But not the small stick…the big stick with green things on it. Also what Sherry and Bob called birds.

Zack wondered if he was a bird too.

Finally, Zack gathered all his courage to say the three English words he had been practicing for ten years.

“I am brother”